With the purchase of the instrument customer will receive training installation video and quick start guide.

It is possible to provide Initial training by request on payable basis: two on-line sessions of 1 – 1,5 hours each.

The first session is focuses on the instrument configuration, instrument menus and a brief set-up of the AMP user account over Wifi together with a few first milk samples without calibration (raw).

The second session is focuses on detailed milk analysis tests, the AMP user account, sample identification and data transfer options, automation and integration options, calibration options, detailed cleaning instructions and how to verify on AMP.

Additional services provided:

  • Manual analysis about the reliability of the Ekomilk-AMP measurements and Ekomilk-AMP systems for a period of at least one month from the system setup is provided;
  • Follow-up calls over internet foreseen

 The AMP tries to answer the needs of different types of users, from small to large farms, from independent vet cabinets to large pharmaceuticals, besides milk processors and milk collection companies.

 Please contact to order initial training.

Supervision and support

The instrument maintenance is completely supervised via the Instrument diagnostics and maintenance guidance program at the cloud-based Animal Monitoring Platform (AMP).

The platform assures real-time instrument diagnostics and maintenance over WiFi - the user receives SMS and/or emails and/or online warnings if a measurement is done wrongly or if a system needs intervention, cleaning, etc.

In order to assure the long life and proper functioning of the milk analyzer the customers have to maintain daily and periodical cleaning of the instrument. The cleaning procedures are described in the User’s Guide in details. Please note that the warranty doesn’t cover non-proper handling & maintenance.

We provide 1-year Tier 2 service level support. Tier 1 service level is optional.

Contact us for detailed description of Tier 1 & Tier 2 level for your country and industry.