Animal Monitoring Platform

Cloud-based solution with data collection module, automated user-friendly dashboards and remote diagnosis module, combining data from databases, instruments and touchscreen inputs.

Platform applications and services

The Ekomilk – AMP system has been optimised for the following application domains: dairy farms with a conventional milking parlor, dairy farms with fully automatic milking robots (automatic milking system), small labs, large laboratories testing over 100 000 samples / year, vet cabinets, milk processors and mobile labs for milk collection.

Кey features of the Ekomilk-AMP system


The Ekomilk-AMP system has a powerful online calibration engine which allows to obtain unparalleled accuracy over an extended range of each parameter. Accuracy guarantees are possible, under conditions.

About the Ekomilk-AMP accuracy which has been achieved on field conditions for farms with mixed breeds, compared to official highly accurate labs in Switzerland, Belgium and France: accuracy blog post Ekomilk AMP system SCC F P 2017 _ draft.pdf/


The AMP system architecture allows for an unlimited amount of calibration profiles besides semi-automatic calibration update (seasonal and breed detection). This translates to an equivalent of hundreds of “calibration channels” for each Ekomilk-AMP system.


The excellent accuracy is facilitated thanks to the “integrity monitoring” module. Every analysis is verified for integrity: an anomaly in the sample or in the measurement result will be clearly indicated (flagged and notification over SMS and email).

Milk Quality Dashboards

For decision making you will have automatic mastitis dashboards and milk composition dashboards on individual and on bulk tank level. No need to crunch numbers and measurement results in long tables. The milk quality evolution of a cow or a herd will be clear on the dashboards and graphs (and tables are still available).

Automatic Data Transfer

There is also a full notification system over SMS, email with CSV and online app for instrument notifications and for measurement results. You can also opt for the on-demand automatic data transfer to your database or server (via Cloud API, for instance in XML or JSON format).

Maintenance Program

AMP provides automated instrument cleaning and a comprehensive instrument maintenance program for hassle-free reliable operation and increased longevity of the instrument. The Ekomilk-AMP system features a real-time instrument monitoring and instrument diagnostics module.

Cow & Tank Identification

For easy cow and bulk tank identification, there is a flexible template system and a connection for an external USB keyboard is included. Both multi-digit national IDs and 4 digit local IDs can be used simultaneously to identify each sample, track the history and create automatic dashboards.

WiFi & Peripherals

AMP manages and secures the Wifi end-points even over unstable internet connections. AMP also enables to use Barcode reader and RFID data. There is integrated solid Wifi and USB stick workflow support. Such workflow support will prevent you from losing data files or from uploading the same data file twice. RJ45, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity besides custom peripherals connection are on demand.


The EKOMILK-AMPI Sample Feeder (SF) provides automatic sample preparation and sample supply. Many common milk analysis errors are caused by incorrect (manual) sample preparation. With the SF, sample preparation is automated and common measurement errors are avoided or at least detected and flagged. Insert a tray of samples in the SF and you are ready to go; you will receive SMS when your intervention is needed and when it is time to insert a new tray.

Milking robot

There is also a special Ekomilk-AMP version for milking robots which allows direct connection to milking robots (also called automatic milking systems, voluntary milking systems, robotic milking systems):

AMP Standard package

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