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1. General Information

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), coming into effect in 25 May 2018, lays out a new set of rules for how the personal data of people living within the EU should be handled. It sets out the protection of personal data as a guaranteed right for all citizens across EU.

As a personal data processor when offering products via website, Bulteh 2000 Ltd. is compliant with all the requirements of the regulation and only the required legal minimum  personal data is gathered, processed and kept secure legally.

Personal Data Administrator:

Bulteh 2000 Ltd., Stara Zagora, 21 Petar Parchevich str. UIC: 123050294,

е-mail:, phone number: +359 42 603 449

Data Protection Office:

Stela Gerdjikova , +359 895595020,


2. Collecting, processing and storing your personal data

Bulteh 2000 LTD. shall collect and process your personal data in relation to entering into a contract for sale of products on the grounds of Art. 6, Para. 1, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), and in particular on the following grounds:

  • explicit consent provided by you as a customer;
  • fulfillment of the obligations of Bulteh 2000 Ltd. under contract with you;
  • compliance with a legal obligation applicable to Bulteh 2000 Ltd.;
  • for the purposes of the legitimate interest of Bulteh 2000 Ltd.

3. Purposes and principles for collecting, processing and storing your personal data

Bulteh 2000 Ltd. shall collect and process the personal data you provide in connection with the conclusion of a contract for sale of products, including for the following purposes:

  • creating a profile and administer it;
  • accounting purposes;
  • statistical purposes;
  • information security;
  • securing the implementation of this contract for the provision of the respective service;
  • sending information e-mails.

Bulteh 2000 Ltd. complies with the following principles when processing your personal data:

  • lawfulness, fairness and transparency;
  • limitation of the purposes for processing;
  • relevance with processing purposes and minimization of data collection;
  • accuracy and age of the data;
  • limitation of storage for the achievement of the purposes;
  • integrity and confidentiality of processing, and ensuring an adequate level of security for the personal data.

When processing and storing personal data, Bulteh 2000 Ltd. may process and store personal data to protect the following legitimate interests:

  • fulfilling their obligations to the National Revenue Agency, the Ministry of Interior and other governmental or municipal authorities.

4. What kind of personal data shall Bulteh 2000 Ltd. collect, process and store

Bulteh 2000 Ltd. shall perform the following personal data operations for the following purposes and the following reasons:

  • Registration of a user on the website and execution of the purchase and sale agreement - the purpose of this operation is to create a profile to manage the orders you have made.
  • Conclusion and execution of a commercial transaction with a client - the purpose of this operation is the conclusion and execution of a contract with a client and its administration;
  • Sending information e-mails;
  • Sending newsletter- administering the newsletter process to clients who have declared they wish to receive.

Your personal data (name and surname, e-mail, country, phone):

  • Purpose for which data is collected: 1) To register the User. 2) To establish contact with the User and to send information to them, including, when the User has asked, to send newsletters or advertising messages.
  • Grounds for processing your personal data. By accepting the terms and conditions, registering on the website and purchasing a product, a contractual relationship shall be established between Bulteh 2000 Ltd. and you, on which basis we shall process your personal data - Art. 6, Para. 1, Item (b) of the GDPR.

Other data that Bulteh 2000 Ltd. shall processWhen logging in to our website or your account, Bulteh 2000 Ltd. collects data about the IP address you use:

  • Purpose for which data is collectedImproving security of the service and interface localization, statistical and marketing research.
  • Grounds for data processing: The data processing is necessary for the implementation of the contract by which the data subject is a party - Art. 6, Para. 1, Item (b) of the GDPR. Before the creation of the User's profile, the IP address shall be collected on the basis of the legitimate interests of the Controller - Art. 6, Para. 1, Item (e) of the GDPR.

 If you would like an invoice to be issued to you as a person, you should provide us with your personal ID number:

  • Purpose for which data is collected: Issuing an invoice for payments under a contract for purchasing a product via
  • Grounds for processing your personal data. By accepting the terms and conditions, registering on the website or signing a written contract, a contractual relationship shall be established between bulteh 2000 Ltd. and you, on which basis we shall process your personal data - Art. 6, Para. 1, Item (b) of the GDPR.

 Bulteh 2000 Ltd. shall not collect or process personal data that relates to the following:

  • reveal racial or ethnic origin;
  • reveal political, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership;
  • genetic and biometric data, health data, or data on sexual life or sexual orientation.

 Personal data shall be collected by Bulteh 2000 Ltd. from the persons to whom it relates.

5. Personal data storage period

Bulteh 2000 Ltd shall keep your personal data for a period no longer than the existence of your website account. Upon expiry of this period, Bulteh 2000 Ltd shall take the necessary care to erase and destroy all your data without undue delay.

Bulteh 2000 Ltd shall notify you in case the data retention period is to be extended in order to meet the objectives, performance of the contract, in view of the legitimate interests of Bulteh 2000 OOD or otherwise.

Bulteh 2000 Ltd shall keep the personal data that it is required to keep under the applicable legislation for the relevant term, which may exceed the term of your registration.

6. Transfer of your personal data for processing

Bulteh 2000 Ltd. may, at their sole discretion, transmit all or part of your personal data to personal data processors for the fulfillment of the processing purposes, subject to the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Bulteh 2000 Ltd. shall notify you in case of intent to transmit all or part of your personal data to third countries or international organizations.

7. Your rights when collecting, processing or storing your personal data

  • The Privacy Policy entitles you to access your personal information that is available to us. You as a registered user can modify / update your personal data.
  • If you do not wish all or any of your personal data to continue to be processed by Bulteh 2000 Ltd for any or all processing purposes, you may at any time withdraw your consent to processing by request in free text.
  • Bulteh 2000 Ltd. may ask you to certify your identity and identity with the person to whom the data relate.
  • By withdrawing the consent to process personal data that is required to create and maintain your e-commerce registration, your account will become inactive.
  • Bulteh 2000 Ltd. shall not delete the data, which is legally obliged to store, including for protection against claims against the company or proof of company’s rights.

8. Individuals provided with your personal data:

  • The information you provide is stored only on our servers and only for the purposes of your registration.
  • Your data will not be provided to third parties except: DHL Express as a courier service provider; Service Center other than Bulteh 2000 OOD, which you have chosen when signing the purchase and sale agreement.
  • In all other cases, Bulteh 2000 Ltd. shall only process, disclose or share your personal data if required by law or when required to comply with and comply with legal and legal requirements. - when it comes to legal entities, we comply with the Accounting Act.
  • You have the right to waive the storage of your personal data at any time by contacting us at the specified contacts.

9. Security

  • Transmission of information via Internet or email is not secure. Although Bulteh 2000 Ltd. does its best to protect your personal data, it cannot guarantee data security while being transmitted by you to the website; any such transmission is at your risk. Once we receive your information, we will apply strict procedures and protocols for its protection.
  • When we give you (or you have created) a password to use services from the website, you are responsible for keeping the password confidential. You must choose the level of complexity of the password.

The current Privacy policy is last revised on November 11, 2018

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