E-Commerce ( offers the following ways of payment

  • By card VISA, Maestro, MasterCard or VISA Electron via Borika

The site will redirect you to the Borika terminal to fill the data needed. Then the Borika server will redirect you back to our store to complete the order.

IMPORTANT: Be patient to be redirected back to and do not close the window prematurely.

  • Bank transfer

If you choose a Bank transfer option you have to pay the order in advance via a standard bank transfer. After reseiving the money in our bank account we will issie a commercial invoice and process the order as quickly as we can.

Take into consideration that our servicing bank UniCredit Bulbank may charge a small fee for transferring money from foreign banks.

Send Payment to:

Beneficiary: Ekomilk Horizon Ltd.
Bank name: UniCredit Bulbank
Account number: BG96UNCR70001524475368
Beneficiary Address: 18, Promishlena Str.,
Industrial Area 19, Stara Zagora, 6000, Bulgaria
Bank Address: 7, Sveta Nedelya Sq., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Reference: Your order number

If you prolong the payment period more than 5 days there is a risk goods ordered to run out of stock and to extend the time for delivery.
If your order status shows as "Pending" on our web page, it means you have not completed payment yet.