Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Ekomilk Horizon Essential and Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited?

Ekomilk Horizon Essential (EHE) is automated milk analyzer for fast and effective control of Somatic Cell Count (SCC) in dairy farms and processing plants.

Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited (EHU) is automated milk analyzer for SCC and milk parameters measurement: Fat, Protein, Total solids, Density, Conductivity, Lactose, Ketosis.

Each instrument is offered with 1-year standard Animal Monitoring Platform (AMP) admin account.

What is Ekomilk-AMP Mini-lab?
Ekomilk-AMP Mini-Lab is a complete system for fully-automated, on-farm, fast and reliable SCC and milk parameter analysis in around a minute per measurement. The system includes Ekomilk Horizon UNLIMITED milk analyzer for SCC and multi-parameters milk measurement together with Ekomilk-AMPI Sample Feeder - automated peripheral device for measuring of large number of milk samples. The mini-lab is offered with 1-year standard admin account in cloud-based Animal Monitoring Platform (AMP) for Animal Health and Milk Quality Management.

What is mastitis?
Mastitis is an inflammation of the udder. It’s a potentially infectious disease affecting the cow’s udder in various degrees of intensity. It’s caused by more than 50 distinct organisms.The somatic cell count in milk is an indicator of the health status of the udder. Currently, the SCC is widely accepted as classical method to monitor the health status of the mammary gland of dairy female animals.

How to provide proper instrument maintenance and cleaning?

In order to assure the long life and proper functioning of the milk analyzer the customers have to maintain daily and periodical cleaning of the instruments.The cleaning procedures are described in the User’s Guide in details.

Please note that the warranty does not cover non-proper handling & maintenance.

The instrument maintenance is completely supervised via the Instrument diagnostics and maintenance guidance program at AMP. The platform assures real-time instrument diagnostics and maintenance over WiFi - the user receives SMS and/or emails and/or online warnings if a measurement is done wrongly or if a system needs intervention, cleaning, etc.

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What features does the AMP Standard Package include?