Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Ekomilk Horizon Essential and Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited?

Ekomilk Horizon Essential (EHE) is automated milk analyzer for fast and effective control of Somatic Cell Count (SCC) in dairy farms and processing plants.

Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited (EHU) is automated milk analyzer for SCC and milk parameters measurement: Fat, Protein, Total solids, Density, Conductivity, Lactose, Ketosis.

Each instrument is offered with 1-year standard Animal Monitoring Platform (AMP) admin account.

What is Ekomilk-AMP complete system?
Ekomilk-AMP complete system is a mini-lab for fully-athomated, on-farm, fast and reliable SCC and milk parameter analysis in around a minute per measurement. The system includes Ekomilk Horizon UNLIMITED milk analyzer for SCC and miulti-parameters milk measurement together with Ekomilk-AMPI Sample Feeder - automated peripheral device for measuring of large number of milk samples. The mini-lab is offered with 1-year standard admin account in cloud-based Animal Monitoring Platform (AMP) for Animal Health and Milk Quality Management.

What is mastitis?
Mastitis is an inflammation of the udder. It’s a potentially infectious disease affecting the cow’s udder in various degrees of intensity. It’s caused by more than 50 distinct organisms.The somatic cell count in milk is an indicator of the health status of the udder. Currently, the SCC is widely accepted as classical method to monitor the health status of the mammary gland of dairy female animals.

System accuracy
The accuracy of SCC, Protein, Fat and SNF are achieved after AMP calibration finetuning and valid for ICAR-compliant milk samplers.

What does AMP Standard Package include?

• Admin User Account with up to 1000 cows per farm;

• Automatic Data Transfer via integrated solid Wifi and USB stick workflow support;

• Powerful online calibration engine which allows to obtain unparalleled accuracy over an extended range of milk parameters;

• Automatic dashboards on bulk tank, on individual cow and on herd level;

• Real-time raw results viewing; mastitis visualization and monitoring;

• Efficient sample identification processes;

• Instrument maintenance program;

• Comprehensive notification platform via SMS, email and apps - receive measurement results and instrument warnings on any device anywhere.