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Terms of Service

I. General Provisions

1. Subject

These Business Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase of goods via the e-Commerce website (hereinafter the "e-Commerce" only) and regulate the mutual rights and obligations between Seller and Customer within the purchase of goods via the e-Commerce.

2. The Seller

The seller is a limited liability company named Ekomilk Horizon Ltd., with headquarters and address of management – 18, Promishlena Str., Industrial Area 19, Stara Zagora, 6000, Bulgaria, Bulgaria. The Company is entered in the Commercial Register of the Bulgarian Registry Agency with a unique identification code (UIC): 206564885

The Company is registered under the Value Added Tax Act with BG206564885.

3. The Customer

The Customer is a visitor of the website who places a regular purchase order via the e-Commerce. The customer is a consumer or entrepreneur.

Consumer means any natural person who enters into a contract with the Seller. Taking into account that the products offered for sale in the e-Commerce are for special use in dairy and related industries, we assume that individuals who are party to the contract, use them in the course of their commercial or professional activity.

Entrepreneur is the person who independently carries out on its own account and responsibility a professional activity in trade or in a similar manner with the intend to do consistently profit.

4. Commencement and applicable law

For the relationship between the Seller and the Customer, these Business Terms and Conditions are in force as amended and available in e-Commerce at the time a Customer places the order.

The rights and obligations of both the Seller and the Customer are governed by the law of the republic Bulgaria including but not only the Obligations and Contracts Act and the Commerce Act.

II. Purchase Order, Contract and Withdrawal

The Seller offers his goods via the Internet at e-Commerce. An order is placed by a Customer by following the detailed steps in the ordering rules and submitted to the Seller electronically, directly from the e-Commerce environment.

By placing an order through the e-Commerce, a Customer confirms that he is familiar and agrees with these Business Terms and Conditions as well as he warrants that he is legally capable of entering into binding contracts.

The Seller sends a confirmation of acceptance of the Purchase order.

The Seller has the rights to reject an order if a Customer does not fulfill their obligation to accept the goods or to pay the purchase price, including the shipping and handling fee, or if he have previously not accepted or duly paid for goods delivered on past orders.

A purchase contract is concluded when a Customer confirms his order to the Seller. In accordance with the purchase contract, a Customer is especially obliged to accept the ordered goods and pay the purchase price, including the shipping and handling fee. In accordance with the purchase contract, the Seller is especially obliged to supply the ordered goods.

The Seller does not reserve goods. When paying „in advance“ the goods are shipped after the payment of the purchase price for the goods incl. the shipping charge and packing has been credited in full to the Seller´s account.

The Seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract in case of selling out the product during the time between conclusion of the sale contract and the moment of crediting the purchase price for the goods incl. the shipping charge forpostage and packing to the seller´s account.

A Customer may cancel the order without any sanctions until the moment when items are shipped, about which a Customer is notified by e-mail. Order cancellation and the correction of errors made when entering data before placing an order can be made the Customer by phoning the infoline at +359 42 626 019, or by e-mail at

III. Purchase Price / Cost of Delivery / Shipment and Delivery Terms / Payment Terms and Customs Fees / VAT / Duties

1. Purchase Price

The purchase price means the price specified for the item in question on e-Commerce at the moment when a Customer is placing an order. All prices are in Euro (EUR) and do not include VAT, transport and delivery costs as well as duties and charges that may be due.

The EU customers – consumers will be charged 20% VAT.

The Seller commit to only supply goods that are in perfect condition and in accordance with the specifications and properties that are customary for the item in question, in compliance with the relevant standards, regulations, and directives in force within the territory of the Bulgaria, and, at the same time, duly equipped with instruction manuals, warranty certificates, and lists of warranty and after-warranty service facilities if it is customary for the goods in question. The Seller is obliged to fulfill its obligations duly, in time, and with due care, and is also obliged to protect the rights and rightful interests of a Customer in a reasonable manner.

2. Cost of Delivery

The purchase price of goods is always increased by a shipping and handling fee in the amount which depends on the total weight, export customs clearance, insurance of the goods and the country of delivery.

3. Shipment and Delivery Terms

The e-Commerce ships worldwide via the courier service DHL (DHL Express (Bulgaria). The Seller ships orders Monday through Friday, excluding the days declared as public holidays and holidays in the Republic of Bulgaria, for which the Seller informs the customers of the relevant message in the e-Commerce.

The Seller will usually ship the goods to a Customer within 15 business days after payment confirmation if the goods are in stock. If the goods are not in stock the Customer will be advised by e-mail about the average shipment date.

The delivery address specified by a Customer in an order form is the place of delivery of the goods.
The e-Commerce does not guarantee delivery dates for any shipments.

4. Payment terms

You can choose one of the following payment methods:

  • online payment with a credit or debit card;
  • advance payment via a standard bank transfer

Take into consideration that the Seller is a Bulgarian trade company and some credit card companies may charge a small fee for processing orders that are placed outside of Bulgaria.

5. Customs Fees / VAT / Duties:

The customers outside the EU might be responsible for additional customs fees, VAT, or duties charged during the process of delivering your order which are not included in the price of the goods and not included in the overall shipping costs in the e-Commerce.

These fees are controlled by government authorities in the receiving country.

Customer is responsible for payment of duties and taxes as well as the custom clearance upon receipt of the goods.

IV. Accepting the Goods

The Customer is obliged to duly accept the goods from the courier service , to verify the number of parcels and to check that the packaging is not damaged, and if there are any defects, to notify the courier service immediately. If breakage or damage is observed, we recommend to the Customer to refuse the acceptance the goods and make an immediate complaint to the courier service.By signing the bill of sale/invoice, the Customer confirms that the shipment has fulfilled all the aforementioned conditions and terms, and later claims that the shipment's packaging was damaged will not be taken into consideration.

The ownership right to the goods shall be transferred to the Customer when the purchase price is paid in full and the goods are accepted.

V. Personal Data Protection

The Customer's personal data that forms a part of the order is considered confidential information, and it is protected against illegal use. The Customer's personal data will be processing and collecting by Ekomilk HorizonLtd. (the Seller) and by the Customer’s selected Service center, as personal data administrators or legal subjects contractually authorized by the administrator to process personal data in order to market e-Commerce products and services, to measure customer satisfaction, and for market research as well as for sending business related messages pursuant to the Law for Protection of Personal Data and applicable European and international acts in force for the Republic of Bulgaria. The Customer has the right to object in writing against the processing of his or her personal data for any of the above purposes, other than the conclusion of the contract.

The Customer is entitled to access his/her personal data and to its correction, as well as all rights, in accordance with the Law for Protection of Personal Data and applicable European and international acts in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Provision of personal data by a Customer is voluntary. If a Customer does not wish to receive information on offered goods and services, he will inform the Seller about it at the infoline on +359 42 626 019 or the e-mail address:

Read Privacy notice

VI. Withdrawal from the contract and the rights of defective performance

1. The Customer (entrepreneur or consumer) is entitled to withdraw from the contract in accordance with generally binding legal regulations.

2. Rights if defective performance.

The customer is obliged to inspect the goods upon delivery and without undue delay inform the seller of any defects found. When a customer finds any differences or discrepancies between the invoice and the actual delivered goods ( for example, in the kind or amount ) or when he receives the delivery without correctly completed invoice, he is obliged to notify the seller without undue delay, but no later than the time of collection.

The customer returns goods which he claims defective, to the seller or distributor / service center which is listed in e-Commerce. Customer describes and indicates the defects most accurately, and he documents that the goods were purchased in the e-Commerce.

These Business Terms and Conditions shall take effect on 9, November 2018.