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Complete system for fully-automated, on-farm, fast and reliable SCC and multi-parameter milk analysis at €0.03/test in around a minute per measurement.

The system includes Ekomilk Horizon UNLIMITED milk analyzer for SCC and miulti-parameters milk measurement together with Ekomilk-AMPI Sample Feeder - automated peripheral device for  measuring of large number of milk samples. The mini-lab is offered with 1-year standard admin account in cloud-based Animal Monitoring Platform (AMP) for Animal Health and Milk Quality Management. 1-year Tier 2 support level is included.

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  • One-year standard warranty term for both Milk Analyzer and Sample Feeder

The EKOMILK-AMP Mini-Lab is an automated, easy-to-use system for smart farming, food security, animal health care and high-quality of food production and supplies. The system performs fully-automated, on-farm, fast and reliable Somatic Cell Count (SCC) and milk parameters analysis at approx. €0.03/test in around a minute per measurement. The Mini-Lab is offered in its standard version which is for up to around 25 000 samples per year.

The Mini-Lab consist of:

Ekomilk Horizon UNLIMITED - hybrid milk analyzer using the ultrasonic method for milk parameters measuring and worldwide accepted viscosity method for measurement of the Somatic Cell Count (SCC) to determine the sub-clinical mastitis.  The instrument performs fast and cost-effective analysis with high accuracy of results. It is equipped with USB and RS232 connectivity ports, ESC POS printer built-in and provides remote access, e-mail, SMS, FTP services via integrated Wi-Fi module.

Ekomilk-AMPI Sample Feeder - a peripheral device for automatic milk sampling and feeding with 49 milk samples per tray.

The measuring results are automatically transfered to Animal Monitoring Platform (AMP) for easy visualization, monitoring and analysis via online algorithms. The AMP comprehensive notification modules ensure on-time feedback and instrument warnings on any device anywhere.

Measuring Parameters:

Milk Parameters Cow/Tank Measuring range and typical accuracy
Somatic Cell Count per 1 ml Cow/Tank 80 000 - 15 000 000 ± 8%
Fat Cow/Tank from 0,5% to 12% ± 0,04%
Protein Cow/Tank from 1% to 9% ± 0,14%
Solids non fat (SNF) Cow/Tank from 6% to 12% ± 0,2%
Temperature Cow/Tank from 0°C to 50°C ± 0,1%
Conductivity Cow/Tank from 1 to 10 mS/cm ± 0,2 mS/cm (18°C)
Milk density (CLR) Tank only from 1,0200 to 1,0400 g/cm3 ± 0,0005 g/cm3
Freezing Point Tank only from -1,000°C to 0,000°C ± 0,015°C
Added water to milk Tank only from 0% to 60% ± 5%

Main Features:

Measuring time per 1 tray (up to 49 milk samples) <1 hour
Callibrated for fresh (raw) cow milk
Menu language English

Environmental requirements:

Ambient temperature 15 - 35°C
Ambient humidity 30% - 80%
Environment For best performance the instrument must be placed on a stable surface away from excessive and permanent vibration

Technical parameters:

Ekomilk Horizon UNLIMITED
AC Power Supply voltage 100 - 240 V AC +10/-15%
Power Consumption 50 W
Dimensions (WxDxH) 27 х 32 х 32 cm
Net weight 6.5 kg
Ekomilk-AMPI Sample Feeder
AC Power Supply voltage 100 - 240VAC +10/-15%
Power Consumption 60 W
Dimensions (WxDxH) 46 х 65 х 28 cm
Net weight 12.5 kg

Basic configuration packaging:

Technical info
Technical data
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Accessories & Parts included

Ekomilk Horizon UNLIMITED

1 x Power Supply (Model AC/DC-CL-DT 12/10; In AC 100 – 240V; out DC 12 V; 10A; 120W)

1 x User’s guide;

1 x Hose for waste milk 650 mm 8x10 mm;

2 x Measuring mug;

1 x Brush for capillary cleaning;

1 x Beher 50 ml;

2 x Ekoprim powder packet 18 g;

1 x Cleaning set EKODAY and EKOWEEK;

1 x Conductivity solution;

1 x Nylon Wire for capillary cleaning;

6 x Cable Tie with Plastic tongue 100x2.5 mm;

2 x Hose for water & milk peristaltic pumps 90 mm 4x6 mm;

1 x Hose for Ekoprim peristaltic pumps 90 mm 4x6 mm

Ekomilk-AMPI Sample Feeder

1 x Power Supply (Input AC voltage 100 – 240V 50/60 Hz; output DC voltage 19 V; 4.7A);

1 x User’s guide; 2 x Sample tray with 49 measuring mugs;

1 x Hose for milk (4x1 mm, 115 cm);

1 x Service rack with 4 containers for Dummy milk, Water, Cleaner 1, Cleaner 2;

1 x RS 232 Cable Null modem

  • The standard warranty term is 1 year.
  • The warranty is valid in case the instrument is registered and regularly connected to AMP.
  • In order to assure the long life and proper functioning of the milk analyzer the customers have to maintain daily and periodical cleaning of the instrument. The cleaning procedures are described in the User’s Guide in details. The warranty doesn’t cover non-proper handling & maintenance.

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